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Posted On: 2018-06-07 08:59:50.64

As the spring transforms into summer, the number of homes on the market still does not meet the demand of those buyers able and willing. 


The clients expect their Realtor to deliver results in common with other sales of homes in their neighborhood.  What does this remind you of?  Yes, it is the agent doing his job; nothing has changed in the scenario except the market is low on inventory.


My job has always included getting the best price for my seller or buyer!  Market conditions have always changed either up or down before.  I remember the year 2008, if you were to sell a home it would only last on the market a couple of days.  The buyers had to compete for the properties very much like today.


So what seems different in 2018 from 2008? There are little subtle about the way homes are listed and the way buyers are preconditioning the sellers with their qualifications.


Some homes being listed are destined to have price reductions.  You can tell by the prices stair-stepping up from the previously sold homes.  Why? Because the sellers probably told their Realtor; “I want to start off high and come down if we need”!   You will see these by the number of days on market and then a big price reduction.  Staying true to your clients is job #1. The may not listen but it, at any rate, must be said.


Today’s buyers have a group of potential home buyers having to compete with investors, buyers are now in some instances giving a sort of resume to the sellers to paint a picture why they would love to buy your home.   This may help, you never know!

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