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Boise the city that stands for something!
Posted On: 2018-07-05 11:40:33.827

As we all celebrated Independence Day in our city of trees this year, it was a feeling of being under a cloud. The whole time I have lived in Boise it has always been the laid-back summer holiday you can take time out to say thanks to our military, watch the parade, do the barbeques and feel good about yourself and your town.


This year that feeling was relatively reserved and some of the joy was gone.  That’s because Boise and really all of Southwest Idaho became a victim of violence when multiple people were injured by a knife-wielding criminal fatally injuring a child and injuring 8 other children and adults.  This week our city became one of those towns that “would never think could happen”.


With that being said, the response of the citizens was overwhelming and amazing. Not only did our emergency personnel respond in a professional manner, but you can tell it touched everyone in a personal way. Because the victims were immigrants made it that much more unexplainable.


I am proud of the City of Boise and her citizens the way everyone without cares chipped in if needed to assist the families.  This is what our nation was founded on; this is what our nation should be like!

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