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Living in one of our nation’s destination favorites, you have a sense that you have arrived in a city that has all of the offerings of the larger metropolis. But then you realize that you can move around with little or no effort to get from place to place.


Boise is what they call a mid-city for size and numbers of people per capita.  The Boise valley or treasure valley is actually made up of several towns and cities. Garden City is in the heart of Boise and provides history of the Chinese Gardens from long ago.  Garden City actually follows the banks of the Boise River. 


Located next door is Meridian, the second largest city in Idaho.  Meridian once consisted of a small core surrounded by farm and open fields. 

Driving west and north is Eagle Idaho, an upscale bedroom city that has blossomed into a small metro area in itself. 


Further west is Star Idaho, probably known as the smaller version of Eagle. Nampa being Idaho’s third largest city is located just west of Meridian.Caldwell Idaho is blended into Nampa and is also an up and coming metro area. Located south of Boise is Kuna Idaho that blends to Meridian to the north.


Boise is a city on the move and growing because of the corporate relocations and families that are picking up and moving to Idaho.  Large companies are choosing to start up and transfer its employees to place that offers everything a large city has to give.


Boise is a blend of active and professional people to a large base of retirement and older group of folks enjoying all four seasons.  We can help with your real estate relocations and assist with every aspect of moving and locating to the place that we call home in Idaho. 


We offer Professional relocation assistance and knowledge of Boise and all of Southwestern Idaho. 

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