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As we all celebrated Independence Day in our city of trees this year, it was a feeling of being under a cloud. The whole time I have lived in Boise it has always been the laid-back summer holiday you can take time out to say thanks to our military, watch the parade, do the barbeques and feel good about yourself and your town.


This year that feeling was relatively reserved and some of the joy was gone.  That’s because Boise and really all of Southwest Idaho became a victim of violence when multiple people were injured by a knife-wielding criminal fatally injuring a child and injuring 8 other children and adults.  This week our city became one of those towns that “would never think could happen”.


With that being said, the response of the citizens was overwhelming and amazing. Not only did our emergency personnel respond in a professional manner, but you can tell it touched everyone in a personal way. Because the victims were immigrants made it that much more unexplainable.


I am proud of the City of Boise and her citizens the way everyone without cares chipped in if needed to assist the families.  This is what our nation was founded on; this is what our nation should be like!

Happy 4th of July!


The 4th of July – The holiday!

Everyone looks forward to the celebration of the 4th of July, that hot time of year to blow off all the fireworks and show patriotism and listen to the Star Spangled Banner.


We celebrate the signing of what was to become the “Declaration of Independence”.  This was signed on the 2nd of July 1776. The signing was followed by celebrations of cannon fire, bonfires and bell ringing.   Then on the 4th of July, the document was ratified by the continental congress thus making the breakaway from Britain official.


The United States of America has celebrated the 4th of July ever since the break away from Great Britain; however, it did not become a Federal holiday until 1941 for federal employees.   Nowadays the date is always widely celebrated by all Americans.

Make sure you hire the correct agent for this market! 12:20 6/25/2018

If any of you have been involved in a transaction in this market realize the need to be on your toes.  Before you hire a Realtor to make sure they have experience addressing the rapid timelines involved with buyers trying to get to the trigger before anyone else. There is no comfort zone to “just see how things go”.


Finding an agent that knows how to start by keeping an eye on the MLS at all times looking for that “new listing” before everyone else.  Not only searching for that home but being able to write the contract in a short timetable will make him king of the Realtors to the client.  Make sure yourself and agent have a way to contact each other no matter what time of day.  This really is just like a game to see who finishes first. 


Above all keep aware of everything and don’t sit back and expect things to move ahead like in a “normal” market.  Remember low balling in this market is like a waste of your time!

Your homes worth vs your tax assessment! 10:46 6/11/2018

Everyone just received the tax assessment values on their properties.  What happens when your assessed value goes up for some owners twenty to thirty thousand dollars in one year?  Many homeowners are going through this scenario.


Let’s examine how your local government knows how to raise the property values. County governments have offices of the assessor.  These folks, in turn, have appraisers that rate the values of all the homes each year.  How do they rate all of the homes each year?  They do it on paper and maybe a few drive byes.  There is simply no way for them to evaluate each individual home.  How is this different from your Realtor evaluating the home? 


Realtors come to your home and actually look at the condition, upgrades, and changes and then uses the information together with area comps determine your home values.  This doesn’t happen with the government appraisers. 


Many of the homeowners choose to challenge the assessment values the county governments have rated, how does an owner challenge their assessment?  You need to file a notice with the County right after you receive the notice.  Have a Realtor with experience in Comparative Market Analysis preparation Let you know what your home is worth relating to others in your neighborhood.  If your values are not the same after the Realtor has viewed your home and used real-time information, then you may have been over or under assessed. 

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